If footwear does this…

Vibram FiveFingers KSO Black/Orange

Recently I was walking to my normal spot on the Orange Line Inbound platform of Boston’s North Station when I was greeted from one of the benches with a very energetic and rather happy, “THERE’S my friend!”  I looked down to see the familiar smiling face of a woman I had only met once, several weeks before.  I had no idea of the rather exciting conversation that was to fill the second half of my morning commute.

Rewind a couple of months to a somewhat brisk late summer morning.  As far as I could tell, there was nothing hugely different about it – the weather was beautiful, the temperature perfect, and I was loving life just as much that morning as I typically do these days (generally a lot).  As I emerged from Boston’s Back Bay subway station and waited to cross the street a few minutes’ walk from my office, a very friendly woman tapped me on the shoulder and, with a rather excited curiosity, asked me about my footwear, stating that “they” look very comfortable.

Indeed “they” were.  That morning, I was commuting, as had been my custom since early summer, in my Vibram FiveFingers® KSO, black with orange accents (accurate pronunciation: VEE’-brahm, as in Vitale Bramani, company founder).

I wasn’t at all surprised at the inquiry as dress slacks and FiveFingers® on public transportation during morning rush hour do tend to draw some attention (though very few have been brave enough to comment or inquire on them).  I began with my usual response when I’m asked about what they are or how I like them, “They’re great – I love them”, and so began our two-minute conversation as we walked across the street.  Based on her inquiries, I imagine it was the first time that the woman had ever been able to speak with someone wearing a pair of FiveFingers®, and possibly the first time she had ever seen them.  I gladly gave her the quick summary of my experience with them and before we parted ways, I made sure to let her know that they’re called FiveFingers® and which local sporting goods store I visited to try a pair on and get correct sizing.

So there we were a couple of months later waiting for the subway, the same woman (I’ll refer to her as “Dee” from here on) excitedly getting my attention and introducing me to her commuting buddy there with her, having hoped for weeks that she would run into me again.  The first thing she directed my attention to was her own pair of FiveFingers® Classic, which I, as a big fan, was thrilled to see.  It turns out that she had wasted no time in researching the FiveFingers® after our initial conversation – she had looked them up online and then went to one of the local sporting goods stores to get fitted and try a pair on.  Dee had ended up purchasing a pair of her own that very week!

If that alone wasn’t cool enough from a mutual fan perspective, Dee explained to me that her experience over the last couple months since she had begun wearing her Classics had literally been life-changing!  Dee had not enjoyed walking before she began wearing them because of back pain – since she started wearing her FiveFingers®, the pain of walking is gone and she walks and stands more upright.  She clearly enjoys her commute in them and wears them proudly!

Dee also mentioned that she previously experienced a good amount of hypertension-related swelling in her feet as the days would go on, but that in her FiveFingers®, the swelling is lessened – very likely by increased circulation afforded to toes that are free to, and required to, move about independently as she walks.  She was also rather excited that since she had bought her pair, another friend or family member had/was about to join in the FiveFinger® “family”.

During the course of our rather enjoyable conversation (we had the entire second half of our commute to chat), we learned that we both work in information technology and discovered that our offices are right across the street from each other.  Dee also told me about some of her past health challenges and I was able to share a little about my health and fitness adventures over the last year or so (more to come on that…much more).  Before we parted ways this time, I gave her my business card and she gave me her email address, then we both went on with the day one friend richer than we had started it.

I almost instantly decided that I would send Dee more information on all the things that have brought me to where I am today in the hopes that there are other things in my recent (and rather awesome) experience that she’ll be able to incorporate into her life to get her nearer her optimal life, short-term and for years to come.

I had begun that day with a smile and by the time I had reached my office, the greatness measure of that day had jumped up exponentially.  One tiny detail of the better life I had begun living a year prior had significantly impacted a complete stranger’s in a very positive way and now I have another friend!

I typically anticipate great things to happen to and around me every day, but I had no idea I was going to receive a “Thank you for changing my life” from anyone that day.

…and that was just a result of my footwear…

Live the greatest life you can and live it well – you never know who’s looking and who needs what you have!

How truly awesome this Bonfire life is!

Until next time!

[For more about the awesome wellness lifestyle adventure I’m on, visit www.BonfireHealth.com and check out the BonfireHealth.com Facebook page – I’m all about it!  If you’re considering the new footwear, don’t settle for counterfeit merchandise – refer to the official Vibram FiveFingers site for details: http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/]



  1. LOVE IT! You are awesome, Brandon! Can’t wait to read more!

  2. loving this blog Brando!! Who WOULDN’T benefit from a little insight on how you’re so awesome??? 🙂 🙂

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