Ninja Script 1

I am happy to announce that the first ninja-scripted workout is in the books as of an hour ago!

Being that I couldn’t make it to the only workout of the day at my CrossFit gym, I was faced with a choice – work out on my own plan or don’t workout at all.  Thankfully, a couple days ago, a fellow CrossFit fiend, er…friend (quite awesome in her own right) asked me if I’d be around for a joint workout Monday, giving me a little help with motivation today.  Of course at the end of my workday, I wasn’t sure if she had already fulfilled her daily requirement for the essential element of movement but I thought I’d give it a shot and ask her about the joint workout as I was on my way home.

BINGO!  She hadn’t done a workout yet and was up for one  – I needed one badly.  She left it up to me to script out the work and I gladly accepted the challenge having an hour-long commute home before we’d hit the beach park.

Closely modeling my script after what I’m accustomed to in the gym, I came out with one of those workouts that doesn’t look like much written out but has certain provisions that make it as easy or as tough as the participant chooses.  Here’s what we were up against:


  • Jog 1200m

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 15 minutes:

  • 10 stick-up lunges (hands extended straight overhead)
  • 20 double-unders
  • 5 burpees

Then, after a break to catch the breath,

Alternating Tabata intervals (8 minutes):

  • Sit-ups
  • Tuck jumps

Like I said, it doesn’t sound like much on paper, but the AMRAP alone was QUITE enough to fulfill a day’s movement requirement.  There were several times I wondered what I had done to us.  I struggled with my non-cooperative, too-long speed rope AND was passed up by my only “competitor”.  I never did catch up to her…when it was all said and done, we had done nine complete rounds and I was only a couple double-unders into my tenth round when the clock called time.  The champion of the night was already into the burpees of her tenth round by the time the clock rang out.  [Do the math and you’ll see just how much work that was in 15 minutes.]

Then came the alternating Tabata interval sit-ups and tuck jumps – eight minutes of 20-seconds-work-10-seconds-rest self-destruction.  We couldn’t help but lie motionless there in the dew-soaked grass and sandy dirt for a few minutes afterward.  At that point, neither dew, nor dirt makes a spit of difference in the world!

Just a second…before I let you think that’s all we did because it was the end of the script, I must say that when the two of us Slight Edge people get together, there’s always a little extra – a small, seemingly insignificant something – that makes sure we attain that little higher level that over time will produce great results.  A song came on the radio and we decided that for the duration of the song, we’d maintain (as best as possible) static plank holds – I’ve heard the song before but NEVER has it EVER seemed THAT long before!  EVER!

Overall, a REALLY great workout born of 15 months of great coaching and community training.  Not too bad for a first script!

Until next time, be encouraged – it is well within each of us to put our hand to our task and achieve something that is truly amazing – EVERY ONE OF US!

Sleep will be sweet tonight…


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