CrossFit Cape Ann – A Five Star Experience

This morning, I took a little drive up the road on my day off (love random days off just hanging around doing what I want to do) and started the morning with Jonny Conant and a couple of his crew at the 9 AM workout of the day (WOD) – my first of many visits to newly opened CrossFit Cape Ann, I’m sure.

A manageable space splashed with all kinds of signature Conant flavor (bearing a mild semblance of The Hive Cape Ann, another Conant adventure, certainly making it unique among CrossFit “boxes”), CrossFit Cape Ann will immediately feel like home to any CrossFit junkie and is certainly welcoming to the first-timer alike.  There’s ample equipment for a bunch of people, plenty of room on the beefy pull-up/lifting rig, and ample running room.  Yeah, about that running room: beware workouts that say “run to the end of the pier and back”.  Don’t think it’s going to be a cute little jog – just wait ’til you turn the corner and see exactly where “the end of the pier” is (but don’t let that stop you from taking on the challenge, there’s a reward at the end of the pier if you enjoy a good view, see gallery below).

If CrossFit Cape Ann was a restaurant, doggie bags in good supply would be a must – Jonny C served up a big portion of work that I couldn’t finish, which is awesome since he’ll doubtful have some heavy hitters come in who will need lots of well-done “meat” to chew on to fulfill their movement requirement for the day; but as a good chef will, he also built the day’s menu with a couple “lighter”, more manageable options, still generous in nutrition, but not overwhelming for those who not yet seasoned in functional fitness or those who are starting with small steps to overcome injury, physical condition, or the overly-present-in-modern-culture couch-potatoism.

As a coach, Jon is into detail and clearly has a big heart for the community in general.  He’s not out to build an army of super-athletes (though I’m sure he wouldn’t be opposed to having a couple spring out of CrossFit Cape Ann eventually and is more than capable of training them with the intensity and skill they need to represent well), but rather, is very welcoming and looks forward to training all ages, all skill and fitness levels; bringing all the benefits of strength and conditioning training in a functional fitness model (and perhaps some added variety that will make CrossFit Cape Ann as unique as its art) to anyone in and around the Gloucester MA area (a really cool town if you’ve never been up for a visit).

CrossFit Cape Ann is a “perfect storm” of flavor, portion size, and nutrition in the realm of movement as an essential element.  I highly recommend it to everyone who BREATHES!  Get in there and pay nothing this week except what you leave on the mat (and I’d encourage you to leave everything on the mat, I certainly did – the best gains come when we leave the gym with nothing leftover, whatever that may mean for us individually).

We can all take actions to make life great for ourselves and for those around us – CrossFit Cape Ann is the culmination of many great actions (small and large) taken one-by-one that will make life great for many who need just what it provides – another opportunity and some of the tools needed to take a step toward optimal wellness and an overall better life.

Thanks Jon & Karen!

I’ll be seein’ya!


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