Today I Choose

If I were sun, I would light their day

If I were fire, I would warm them in cold

If I were rain, I would water their thirsty mouths

If I were air, I would fill their depleted lungs

If I were food, I would fuel their hungry bodies

I am none of these

Yet I am one unique person

Who must I be today to meet the need only I can?

What must I become to fill the void I alone can fill?

How much must I grow to move them toward their design?

I can only be me

But the me I choose

Need not remain as I am

I grow each day

Become better than I was

And by doing so

I move myself and others forward

To greater life and a greater world altogether

Today I choose

To live a better life

To improve others

By first improving myself.


1 Comment

  1. Love this Brando, gonna spread it around!

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