A Human’s Dream

Never lose sight of your dream; for it is NOT impossible, it is NOT unreachable, it is NOT unattainable.

If you have ever seen another human be, do, or have what you truly dream of then you, by virtue of your humanness, are entitled to a shot at that dream.  If it has been done already, you have only to learn the information and take the action that the other already has (or find a team who is willing to assist you in doing so).

If you dream of something no human has ever achieved, simply consider those who also were “firsts”, achieving what no other humans had up to that point.  You are no less human than they were – you are entitled to learn, work, and grow in the direction of that which until now has been considered impossible.  You may just be the one who proves the possibility of that dream.

We cannot disprove the impossible, but we are all fully entitled to do all we can to prove what IS possible.  Never allow the unproven to remain shrouded in mystery when it is in your heart to shine light on it and show the world just how achievable it is!


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