On the Eve of a New Year of Life

On the eve of the next significant segment of my increasingly awesome life, an appreciation of many things (by no means all) that have made it so great…so far…

  • My own two bedroom Beverly MA apartment with one ideal neighbor
  • Living in a city that lends itself to random bump-into hello’s with beautiful people like Jeremy & Nicole Puz
  • Cool train buddies for the morning/evening commute (Julie Dame)
  • Family still covering all the places I’ve lived for any significant amount of time (HI, OH) and right down the street (Adam & Kristi Brusa, who were my “roommates” for 7.5 years and introduced me to Greater Boston)
  • Lifetime friends from primary schools (Ryan Towata, Jeff Lau, Jake Shimabukuro, Mari Kotani, Jen Tupuola, Henry Okazaki, Jason Yamamoto just to name a few)
  • My Bonfire Health Tribe – all the people who have shaped what was once my typical American lifestyle into a full-bore wellness pursuit (Dr. Stephen Franson, Dr. Paul Kratka, Dr. Jesse Davis, Nina Lambert, Alexis Girvan, Sarah Tymann, Chaney Davis, Dr. Ryan Hewitt, Kendra Cecieta, Dr. Nick Araza, Jennifer Nadeau, Dr. Bruce Wong, Franson Family Chiropractic, Merrimack Valley Chiropractic, Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic, Lifetime Family Wellness Centers)
  • The first athletic coach I ever had as an adult, Dan Vadala, who led me through my first year as a CrossFit rookie and built so much confidence into me that the question of “if I can” never exists but only the question of “when I will”.  [And you stuck me with possibly the coolest nickname on the planet brotha!]
  • North Shore CrossFit – the sweet athletic training center I am OVERTLY proud to call home and all the coaches and members, past and present, that have shaped me into an athlete I never could have imagined I’d EVER be (Dave Picardy, Tara Picardy, Dawn Adam-Brown, Paul Dalton, JP Wioncek, Steve Blair, Rafael Flores, Marco Martinez, Alicia Gomes, Brent Miffitt, Ben Rotker, Gordon Plutsky, Cas Green, Dan Meegan, Mike Stankus, Marykate Wioncek, Val Kuthe, Temin Lee, Evan Bernier, Kathryn Leibfried, Doug Williams, Jon Park, Lauren Cecilia, Gayle Masiero, Susie CrossFit and seemingly a million others of no less significance).
  • The global CrossFit community and coaches that do the same for people all over the world and provide great places to work out and a new bunch of friends when I come to town (CrossFit Cape Ann, CrossFit Full Potential, CrossFit Wicked, CrossFit Route 1, PinUp CrossFit, CrossFit New Albany, Rogue Fitness (CrossFit Columbus), South Baltimore CrossFit, CrossFit Relentless, Jon & Karen Conant, Joe Valenzuela, Brian Crosbie, Charlie Gerszewski, Mel Velez, Keith Simon, Graham Holmberg, Troy Venuto, Merle McKenzie)
  • A well-paid occupation that finances my fun and several years in Corporate America that have opened my eyes to the way things work, helping me to look eagerly toward a future of building people, and all the friends made there who will never cease to be friends (Jason Scot Taft, Reagan Rust, Michelle George, Krissy Allaire, Ilirjana Travers, Patrizia Rinko, Jake & Sarah Duckworth, Emily Glick, Wendy Li, Toni Ann Louie, Ranjan Ezra, Erin Frazee, Sonya Ulen, Amanda Wicker Gleason, PDW…there’s no way I could name all of you)
  • A crazy exciting community of faith in The Harbor that amazes me every day in the true meaning of community, brotherly love, and celebration of the individual for everything s/he brings to the table; the incredible musicians I get to work with on a week-to-week basis; and the closely knit faithgroups that I’ve had the privilege of participating in and growing with
  • Friends from prior churches near and far (Oscar & Jayme Arevalo, Enzo & Michelle Surin, Michael Carucci, GJ, John Bereiweriso, Lawrence Bereiweriso, Jimmy & Leda Rodriguez, Eli McNeal, Russ & Cookie Christian, Shawn & Tammy Hammond, Davin & Liko Yokomori, Scott & Darlene Tsuha, Charlie & Diana Lorenz, Dale Napoleon Aoki, Pastors Art & Kuna Sepulveda, Freddie & Hoku Acevedo, Victoria Acevedo Molio’o, Chavonne Taylor, Marques Hammond and so many others)
  • Low profile/high impact friends in local communities who do their thing faithfully regardless of recognition and eventually surface in the public eye because their work and results speak far more loudly than they do (Jason Cruz, Enzo Surin)
  • A good amount of time to figure myself out as an adult before embarking on the adventure of walking side-by-side with someone else along the banks of forever
  • A warm bed, fresh food, clothing and shoes that seem never to wear out, clean water, electricity and all the necessities and luxuries of American life that are so easily taken for granted
  • Encouraging words from all angles, inspiring stories from all sources, a challenging and hope-filled future, and the intrigue of what I will be tomorrow when I wake, and how much better that will be when I close my eyes at the end of the day

As Dr. Alexander Angelov stated today as I aced my second consecutive annual physical exam, when it all boils down to the basics, the most important things are one’s health and one’s relationships – neither of these has ever been greater for me than it is right now.  [And trust me, if your name doesn’t appear here, it doesn’t mean you’re any less significant to this equation.]

Tonight I sleep with a smiling heart, closing out a season, prepared to take on the opportunities that lie ahead in the next – with all of you who inspire me daily to be a better person from the inside out.






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