What’s a Half Pound Record?

A half pound record is – STILL  A RECORD! and we do have a new one to celebrate tonight in the two hands snatch!  Sure it’s only a half pound, and sure I hit the most recent record a little over five months ago and have been trying to match that ever since, but I’ll take it!

I weighed in at 158.8 lbs this morning, and tonight, half a day later, straight up competition-grade snatched 163 lbs, topping my prior personal record set in June and with much better technique and confidence!

Refueled with some roasted turkey in olive oil, black pepper and salt-free garlic and herb seasoning with copious amounts of organic 50/50 baby spinach and spring mix and now I’m heading off to bed…so I can get to one of my favorite workouts of the week: the Friday 6 AM!  (CrossFit + olympic lifting is a combination that’s hard to beat!)

Read my chronicle of tonight’s PR journey right here: ow.ly/7xowI



Progression of RE


REvisit Vision

–> REinforce “Why”

—-> RE-ignite Passion

——> RE-align Priorities

——–> RE-calibrate Decisions

———-> RE-charge Effectiveness

————> RE-capture “Enjoy the journey”

[REcommended start point: Bonfire Health – Total Life Conditioning]